PatientVerifi: Secure Patient Identity Verification for Telehealth

Ensuring Trust and Security in Telehealth

Telehealth providers face increasing challenges in verifying patient identities and preventing prescription fraud.

The rise of telehealth has created opportunities for malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities, leading to patient identity fraud and the potential misuse of prescribed medications. These issues compromise patient safety, tarnish provider reputations, and pose legal and regulatory risks.

According to the Coalition of Insurance Fraud, one estimate is that U.S. telemedicine fraud could cost $25 billion to $35 billion a year.

A patient’s well-being could be compromised without rock-solid verification protocols or monitoring systems. 

The Solution: PatientVerifi

As the demand for virtual healthcare services grows, so does the need for robust identity verification measures.  PatientVerifi seamlessly integrates advanced biometric identity verification into telehealth platforms, mitigating the risks of identity fraud, prescription misuse, and other errors to support confidential, compliant, and efficient virtual care.

Verify and Authenticate Patients Remotely

PatientVerifi enables healthcare providers to securely verify patient identities during virtual visits. Our advanced solution uses biometric authentication, including facial recognition, voiceprints, and government-issued ID scans to confirm patients are who they say they are and without the burden of manual verification.

Prioritize Patients Over Paperwork

The healthcare industry is overwhelmed and understaffed. Implementing streamlined methods is imperative. One report found that doctors spend 49.2% of their time doing paperwork. PatientVerifi TeleScribe360 uses generative AI to transcribe and summarize patient-physician conversations, which means more time for patient care and less time spent on documentation.  


Advanced Biometric Authentication:

Verify patient identities through voice biometrics and facial recognition, providing a seamless and secure patient experience.

Secure Prescription Management

Prevent prescription misuse and fraud by verifying patient identities at the time to prescribing, ensuring that medications are only prescribed to authorized individuals.


PatientVerifi adheres to the highest data security and privacy standards, including HIPAA compliance, to protect patient information.

Benefits of PatientVerifi

  • Reduce Identity Fraud: By accurately verifying patient identities, PatientVerifi helps prevent identity fraud and protects patients from unauthorized access to healthcare services.
  • Enhance Patient Safety: Ensuring the right patient receives the right care, PatientVerifi minimizes the risk of medication errors, prescription misuse, and potential adverse events.
  • Mitigate Legal and Regulatory Risks: By implementing PatientVerifi, telehealth providers demonstrate their commitment to compliance, mitigating legal and regulatory risks associated with patient identity fraud and prescription misuse.
  • Lowers costs: Reduces financial losses associated with identity fraud and prescription errors.
  • Protects Provider’s Reputation: Establishes trust and credibility by prioritizing patient privacy and security.

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