Protecting Contact Centers from Identity Fraud

Stop bad actors from weaponizing stolen identities with VerifiNow’s frictionless omnichannel biometric identity verification and authentication.

Don’t let your contact center be the weak point in your security strategy.Identity fraud is a major issue for contact centers, particularly in financial services.

Criminals can use a variety of tactics to impersonate customers and gain access to sensitive information, such as account numbers and passwords. Traditional methods of authentication, such as knowledge-based authentication (KBA), have proven ineffective at preventing fraud. 

With VerifiNow’s digital identity verification process, you can rest assured that your customers are who they say they are. 

Protect Every Call
From Identity Fraud

VerifiNow features advanced voice biometrics, facial recognition biometrics, and liveness detection to verify and authenticate the customers calling into the contact center. Our verification engine authenticates customers in under a second and detects fraudsters before they speak with an agent — securing the customer experience and reducing fraud.

Comply with KYC , AML and other regulatory requirements with a frictionless and highly customizable identity-centric customer experiences that is secure at every touchpoint.

Secure your contact center and your customers

  • Strengthen security and reduce fraud costs
  • Reduce agent time spent on knowledge-based authentication
  • Improve the user experience with fast, easy verification
  • Decrease the occurrence of account takeovers

Real-time Identity Verification

VerifiNow incorporates advanced risk measurement capabilities that measure a variety of possible flags that may indicate a fraudulent applicant, such as ID document and/or biometric liveness detection, data mismatches, and other anomalies. This risk measurement gives financial institutions the information they need to decide whether or not to enroll a particular applicant. This lets the institutions avoid fraudulent applicants and the losses that can occur if such an applicant is approved.

Passive Voice Authentication

VerifiNow’s text independent and frictionless voice verification passively authenticates the caller’s identity during their normal interaction a contact center agent, IVR, or mobile application.

Frictionless Customer Experience

Verifinow’s passive liveness detection uses light-modeling to perform liveness with just one photo frame of a user to helps differentiate between a real person and a photo or video of that person.

Streamline. Protect. Secure.

Improve your customer service call experiences

Passively authenticate customers in seconds and improve their call experiences by eliminating the annoyance of remembering PINs, passwords, and security questions.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce call handle times by freeing agents from the time consuming caller authentication process by integrating VerifiNow with IVR and digital channels.

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