seamlessly securing digital experiences

Your trusted partner in navigating digital transformation, offering secure, real-time biometric identity verification for every customer, anywhere, ensuring seamless integration with healthcare and customer service platforms for effortless, secure customer experiences.

The Convergence of Biometrics and Digital Verification For Secure Digital Experiences.

Imagine a world of virtual experiences where trust is the hallmark of every interaction, compliance is uncompromised, and a seamless user experience is ensured.

In today’s digital landscape, where customers demand seamless, secure, and personalized interactions, VerifiNow is the catalyst for a Customer Experience (CX) transformation. We help you build lasting relationships by delivering an identity verification process that is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the customer’s digital journey.

Our solutions provide real-time identity verification and proofing to ensure protection against identity and financial fraud, bad actors, and prescription abuse. Both the ID and selfie verification process is fast and efficient.

Passive liveness detection eliminates the need for extra facial movements, supporting various image types, ethnicities, genders, ages, and screens.

Customer Identity Verification

Strengthen your call center’s first line of defense with VerifiNow’s Customer Identity Verification solution, providing real-time identity assurance for enhanced trust and operational efficacy.

Patient Identity for Telehealth

Forge a secure healthcare pathway with VerifiNow’s Patient Identity Verification, ensuring accurate and real-time validation of patient identities for a trusted digital health experience.

Fraud & Risk Management

Navigate banking risks with ease using VerifiNow’s Fraud and Risk Mitigation solution, your shield against identity fraud ensuring trust and compliance across all banking transactions

Identity Proofing

Empower digital trust with VerifiNow’s Identity Proofing solution, providing a seamless, real-time verification and validation process, ensuring that individuals are who they claim to be, paving the way for secure and trustworthy digital interactions.

Harness the Power of VerifiNow: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Explore the multifaceted benefits of VerifiNow as it turns prevailing industry challenges into avenues of opportunity. Our solution is meticulously designed to address key areas that impact your operational efficiency and customer trust. Dive into how VerifiNow mitigates financial loss, ensures legal compliance, drives cost efficiency, and enhances customer experiences, propelling your business towards a secure and prosperous future.

Mitigating Financial Loss

VerifiNow is your bulwark against financial loss emanating from identity fraud. Our real-time identity verification technology acts swiftly to validate customer identities, drastically reducing the scope of fraudulent transactions and shielding your financial assets.

Legal Compliance

Navigate the complex regulatory landscape effortlessly with VerifiNow. Our solution ensures strict adherence to KYC, AML, and HIPAA compliance standards, fostering a culture of legal compliance and mitigating associated liabilities.

Enhanced Customer Experiences:

VerifiNow not only fortifies security but elevates the customer experience. Our seamless, real-time verification process ensures a smooth customer journey, instilling trust and satisfaction, thereby nurturing lasting customer relationships.

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