Customer Intelligence

Our customer intelligence solutions provide comprehensive validation of addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses to ensure data accuracy, enhance communication reliability, and prevent fraud. By verifying critical customer information, we empower businesses to maintain accurate records, improve service delivery, and enhance overall customer interactions.

Customer Intelligence

Address Validation

Our address validation solution ensures the accuracy and authenticity of physical addresses by verifying each component, standardizing the format, and confirming its existence with USPS records. This real-time validation process prevents fraudulent addresses and enhances service delivery, ensuring that goods and services reach the correct destinations without delay or error.

Customer Intelligence

Phone Number Validation

Our phone number validation solution instantly verifies the validity of phone numbers, identifying suspicious numbers and providing detailed analysis such as line type, carrier, and recent abuse history. By maintaining reliable communication channels and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities, we help businesses enhance their contact strategies and protect against phone-based fraud.

Customer Intelligence

Email Address Validation

Our email validation solution protects against phishing and other email-based fraud by verifying email addresses in real-time. It checks the validity of email domains, detects high-risk emails, and identifies disposable and honeypot addresses. This ensures secure and reliable email communication, helping businesses maintain the integrity of their email marketing and customer support efforts.

Benefits of Customer Intelligence

VerifiNow’s Customer Intelligence solutions offer a robust framework for maintaining accurate customer information, improving communication reliability, and preventing fraud.

1. Enhanced Data Quality

Maintain up-to-date and accurate customer information, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

2. Improved Communication

Ensure reliable and secure communication channels with validated phone numbers and email addresses.

3. Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraudulent activities by verifying addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, protecting your business and customers.

4. Operational Efficiency

Automate validation processes, saving time and resources while increasing accuracy.

5. Better Customer Experience

Provide seamless and reliable interactions with accurate customer data, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

6. Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations by maintaining accurate and verified customer data, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.