Voice Verification

VerifiNow’s Voice Verification solutions leverage cutting-edge voice biometrics and advanced liveness detection technology to provide a secure and seamless authentication experience. Our solutions are designed to combat sophisticated fraud attempts, including deepfakes, while integrating effortlessly with your existing contact center platforms.

Your helpdesk, your rules

Seamless Integration with Contact Center Platforms

Pre-Call Authentication: Integrate our voice verification technology with your contact center to authenticate callers before they are transferred to a live agent. This reduces the risk of fraudulent activities and ensures that agents only interact with verified individuals.

Enhanced Customer Experience: By automating caller authentication, our solution reduces wait times and improves customer satisfaction. Customers can be verified in real-time, allowing for quick and secure access to services.

Operational Efficiency: Free your agents from time-consuming knowledge-based authentication (KBA) processes, enabling them to focus on providing exceptional service.

Use Case:

Customer Service for Banking

In the banking sector, securing customer interactions is crucial. Our voice verification solution provides an effective defense against account takeovers and fraud. For instance:

Scenario: A customer calls the bank’s contact center to access their account.


Voice Biometrics with Liveness Detection: The system captures the caller’s voice and verifies it against the stored voiceprint, ensuring the caller is who they claim to be. Liveness detection further confirms that the voice is live, preventing deepfake attempts.

Seamless Integration: This process occurs before the call is transferred to a live agent, reducing the risk of fraudulent access and ensuring that the agent interacts with a verified customer.

Enhanced Security: By eliminating the need for PINs or security questions, which can be easily compromised, the system provides a higher level of security and convenience.


Improved Security: Prevents account takeovers and fraud by ensuring only genuine customers can access sensitive information.

Operational Efficiency: Reduces the time agents spend on authentication, improving overall service efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction: Provides a seamless and secure authentication process, enhancing the customer experience.


Liveness Detection to Combat Deepfakes

VerifiNow’s Voice Verification solutions combine advanced biometrics and liveness detection to provide unparalleled security and efficiency. Protect your business from deepfake attacks and streamline your operations with our seamless integration capabilities.

      • Advanced Anti-Spoofing: Our voice verification system incorporates robust liveness detection to identify and block deepfake attempts. This technology ensures that the voice being authenticated is live and genuine, protecting your business from increasingly sophisticated fraud tactics.
      • Real-Time Verification: Instantly confirm that the voice is live, preventing fraudsters from using recorded, synthetic, or computer-generated voices to gain unauthorized access.