From Vision to Innovation – And We're Just Getting Started

VerifiNow was founded with a vision to address the growing challenges of identity fraud and regulatory compliance in an increasingly digital world. Our team comprises experts in biometric technologies, cybersecurity, and data analytics, all committed to developing state-of-the-art solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our mission is simple: to provide businesses with the tools they need to verify identities, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. We believe that by leveraging advanced technologies and seamless integrations, we can create a safer, more secure digital environment for businesses and their customers.

Explore the key milestones that have defined our journey since our formation in 2022. Join us as we continue to revolutionize identity verification and fraud prevention with cutting-edge solutions and seamless integrations. The best is yet to come!

Hello World!

Company Inception

In 2022, VerifiNow was founded with a bold vision to revolutionize identity verification and fraud prevention. Our journey started with a commitment to innovation, security, and integrity, setting the stage for the advanced solutions we offer today.

May 2022

Product Introduction

CCaaS Integrations

A significant milestone by integrating our solutions with leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platforms. This integration enhanced our ability to provide seamless and secure identity verification for customer interactions across various touchpoints.

July 2023

Zoom and Microsoft Teams Integrations

Connecting Securely with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

VerifiNow expanded its reach into the world of virtual meetings by integrating with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This step ensured that our real-time identity verification and liveness detection technologies could secure virtual interactions, safeguarding meetings and consultations.

December 2023

Solution Launch

Pioneering Secure Telehealth with PatientVerifi

Responding to the growing need for secure virtual healthcare, we launched PatientVerifi at the ViVE Conference in Los Angeles. This innovative offering provided healthcare providers with advanced patient identity verification, ensuring compliance and enhancing patient safety during telehealth and telepsychiatry sessions.

February 2024

Product Enhancement

Empowering Decisions with Customer Intelligence

We introduced our Customer Intelligence solutions, which include real-time validation of addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. This addition empowered businesses to maintain accurate data, improve communication reliability, and significantly reduce the risk of fraud.

May 2024